SALTY STORY is a lifestyle and beachwear apparel brand. Our designs are inspired by surf culture. We welcome you on a salty and cozy adventure.

The sea awakens a sense of inner peace, freedom and happiness that runs through our body and soul. We want to keep this vibe after we leave the beach, and take it with us throughout the day, to keep it wrapped around us. We want to keep feeling that sense of depth and calm even after we step out of the water.

Come be a part of our community.

Come discover the collection of beachwear, our bathrobes, and freshen up with our collection of pampering lifestyle designs for the beach, pool, your next vacay or even just to cozy up after the bath.


We are a fashion and lifestyle brand born out of a deep passion and connection for the sea, waves and the design world.


My name is Shiri and I am the Founder and Designer of Salty Story.

It all started when I first learned to surf and a whole new world opened up to me. I felt like I had just received an amazing gift. The excitement, freedom and peace of mind that I experienced throughout my body every time I go surfing, filled my heart with joy and admiration. That unexpected gift from the sea and sun. 

I decided to connect these intense feelings of freedom with my other passion, the world of lifestyle and design. This is how Salty Story was born. I wanted to keep that afterglow and those feelings of freedom from the sea, for just a few more minutes and just a few more hours. I wanted to take that surfing glow with me for the rest of the day. I wanted that feeling of surf serenity with me, even after I stepped onto the shore.

Come be a part of my story.

Together we will make our surf dreams come true.